Pioneer Portraits, 2015

An art show along Orchard Road that features 24 pieces artwork depicting the milestones in Singapore's history. 


"World of Waterlets"

This piece is a whimsical representation of the four National Taps of Singapore, which comprises the local catchment water, imported water, NEWater (highly-purified reclaimed water) and desalinated water. The main focus of this piece is the completion of our 3rdNational Tap, NEWater, which is highly acclaimed and an important pillar of Singapore's water sustainability.

The water-people featured here are known as Waterlets, and are led by their great leader, Merliolet, who sprouts water from its mouth at all times to give life to the Waterlets.

In this world, the imported water is represented by parachuting Waterlets, local catchment water by the Merliolet, desalinated water by the Waterlets swimming in the sea, and finally, NEWater by the showering Waterlets.